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Mexico Visa for Argentine Citizens

Visit Mexico by Land or Air

That’s Mexico! Ancient Aztec and Mayan monuments along with historic colonial cities many of which have been designated as UNESCO World Heritage Sites, ensuring they'll remain unchanged for generations to come. The country bustles with a variety of opportunities for tourists. Argentinean citizens would love to spend their vacations here. For visiting this country, they would need a Mexico Tourist Card and a visa. This is easily available online. The National Immigration Institute is the authority that authorizes and provides this document. This is a move to boost tourism. However, here it is to be noted that a Tourist Card and a visa are not the same. Argentine visitors must acquire a visa before they enter Mexico. They are required to approach the embassy in order to apply for a Mexico visa.
Argentineans would need a Mexico Tourist Card to gain entry into Mexico if they have flown in or traveled by road. In 2015 the government launched the electronic system to attract tourists by easing the process of applying online. Once it has been approved, applicants receive it on their email. The cream of the crop in this process is that it leaves ample time for travelers to focus on other more important parts of their trip as everything is online.

Steps to get a Mexico Tourist Card

The Online Application Process for Argentines to get a Mexico Tourist Card

For applicants, using the electronic system, the process can be completed in the following simple steps: 

Fill in the Required Information: Argentineans must fill the online application form with the required information. This step needs the utmost care so that the information is accurate. 
No Documents Required: The process does not ask for any documents to be uploaded. However, Argentine citizens must have a valid passport number to complete this process.
Fee Payment: Complete the process by paying the visa fee. For this, the payer needs a credit or debit card.

The Mexico Tourist Card can be received on the email id given in the form.

Travelers need to take printouts of both sides of this travel document and keep it with them. This needs to be presented to the immigration officials in Mexico. 

Key Instructions for the Mexico Tourist Card for Argentina Applicants 

  1. Mexico Tourist Card holders can only to visit the country for tourism. They are not permitted to indulge in any kind of activity that results in payment.
  2. When they apply online, Argentineans must give the details related to their flight in the application form.

Tourist Card Sample

Zero Document Submission Policy

Citizens from Argentina do not have to upload any document for the Tourist Card. However, the following information is to be provided: 

  1. An Argentine passport that must be valid for 6 months following their arrival in the country.
  2. Their flight details, when in Mexico.

Things to do on Reaching Mexico 

Argentineans will require Mexico Tourist Card to get into the country. As mentioned earlier, this is different from the visa, which is also required. When the travelers reach Mexico they must present this in addition to the visa and a valid passport that also need to be presented to the immigration authorities. Be mindful to carry the same passport that was used in the visa application process.
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