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Mexico Visa for Sudanese Citizens

Visit Mexico by Land or Air

Apart from the popular historical and archaeological sites, Mexico has a lot to offer to avid travelers from all parts of the globe. The nightlife in this country is also amazing as there are endless options to party the whole night long. Vacationers from Sudan can also explore the culinary delights in the local restaurants. To enjoy these and much more, visitors will need a visa and Mexico Tourist Card. Contrary to what many people think, the Card has its own importance and it is not a replacement for a visa.

Apply for these documents in advance so that you have sufficient time to pack your bags and get prepared for the trip. To obtain a visa, you will have to visit the Mexico embassy personally, but you can apply for the card online from just about anywhere you are currently based. Just ensure that your application form is accurately filled because errors can lead to the rejection of the application. The processed Card will be sent to your email address in a quick time. If you don’t have enough time, you can apply for the Card on the flight to Mexico or soon after arriving at an airport.

Steps to get a Mexico Tourist Card

Steps for Obtaining a Mexico Tourist Card 

As a Sudanese traveler, you can apply for the Tourist Card online without any hassles. The application steps are simple and they are given below:    

  1. Fill out the online Card application form carefully to ensure that there are no errors.  
  2. You don’t have to take the trouble of uploading any documents online while applying for the Card. 
  3. You will need a valid Sudanese passport to verify and finalize the online application form.  
  4. The Card will be sent to your email ID once it is processed.    

Once you receive the processed Mexico Tourist Card, you will have to take out printouts of both sides of the Card. The printouts can be in “color” or “black & white”. You will have to carry them along and show them to the officials present at a Mexican airport’s immigration counter. 

Important Advice for Sudanese Citizens

Sudanese travelers will be thrilled by the tourist attractions in Mexico. Being Tourist Card holders, they can enjoy various activities related to tourism. However, they are not permitted to get engaged in any professional work or any form of employment during their stay as tourists. They will also have to submit their trip details including flight numbers and flight tickets during the Tourist Card application.  

Tourist Card SampleNecessary Documentation for Mexico Card Application   

Applying for a Mexico Tourist Card is not at all time-consuming. However, you need to keep certain documents ready and they are listed below:    

  1. The Sudanese passport with a minimum validity of 180 days from your departure date to Mexico.  
  2. Take out clear or readable printouts of the Card. You also have the option to apply for the Card during your trip or flight, or as soon as you arrive at your chosen destination in Mexico. 
  3. The personal information shared in the online application form shouldn’t contradict the details given in your Sudanese passport.

Getting into Mexico as Sudanese Tourists     

If you have decided on a Mexican vacation, you are in for a wonderful time. Just make sure that you carry all the necessary documents during your trip. The documents that are necessary include your Sudanese passport, the visa, and copies of your Mexico Tourist Card. You will have to show these documents to the immigration personnel as soon as you arrive at a Mexican airport.  

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