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Mexico Visa for Marshall Islands Citizens

Visit Mexico by Land or Air

Marshallese people can plan for a trip to Mexico and enjoy everything that this American region has to offer. The lovely beaches and the enthralling Mayan ruins will make visitors fall in love with this country. This is also a haven for foodies who can explore the mouth-watering delicacies served in the wide variety of local restaurants. Mexicans are known to be visitor-friendly, so tourists can expect to have a great time once they arrive at their chosen Mexican destination.

For a fantastic vacation, you will have to obtain a visa and a Mexico Tourist Card in advance. You should be aware of the fact that the Card is not a replacement for the visa, so you need to acquire both these documents before the trip. You will have to physically visit the Mexico embassy to get the visa. However, applying for the Tourist Card online can be the best option as many airlines don't offer this facility anymore.

Steps to get a Mexico Tourist Card

Obtaining a Mexico Tourist Card Online

Numerous tourists from the Marshall Islands visit Mexico every season to enjoy its natural wonders and beauty. There are a lot of things to do and see once they arrive in the country with a Tourist Card. Applying for the Card is quite easy, especially if they do it online. The steps they need to follow are given below:           

  1. Applicants should fill out an online application form accurately to avoid its cancellation.   
  2. During the application process, Applicants won’t have to upload any documents.
  3. For finalizing the application form, a Marshallese passport with a validity of at least 6 months would be required.    
  4. The processed Mexico Tourist Card would be sent to the applicants through email.
  5. Travelers should take out “color” or “black & white” printouts of the Tourist Card before they travel to Mexico. Upon arrival, these documents would be checked by the immigration officials at the airport.  

Instructions for Avid Vacationers         

Tourists from the Marshall Islands and various parts of the world will surely have a fantastic holiday experience when they arrive in Mexico. Accommodation and other facilities for visitors are of the highest standards and that too at affordable costs. Tourists can enjoy almost everything related to tourism; however, they shouldn’t get involved in any job or profession during their stay. It is also important that they share their trip details such as flight numbers and air tickets during the Tourist Card application.
Tourist Card Sample

Must-have Documents

When you start getting prepared for your dream vacation in Mexico, you should keep certain documents ready too. The must-have documents are:      

  • The Marshallese passport
  • Mexico Tourist Card 
  • Tourist Visa

Getting Inside Mexico as Tourists

As a citizen of the Marshall Islands, you will be more than happy to begin a holiday break in a peaceful Mexican retreat. The climate, local folks, and culinary delights will make you crave for more. The best part is that every tourist hub in Mexico has something unique to offer. As you get prepared for the trip, don’t forget to carry the necessary documents such as your Marshallese passport, the visa, and the Mexico Tourist Card’s printouts. You will have to show these documents to the officials present at the immigration counter of an Airport in Mexico.  

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