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Mexico Visa for Finnish Citizens

Visit Mexico by Land or Air

Spending time on the beaches and exploring Cabo San Lucas are among the most popular tourist activities in Mexico, besides swimming and snorkeling around the famous natural landmark El Arco de Cabo San Lucas, a huge archway carved out of the coastline where the Sea of Cortez meets the Pacific. The country offers much more to tourists. For a trip to this great country, just like other visitors, Finnish travelers must acquire a Mexico Tourist Card. Applying online for this travel document is not at all a task. The government body that approves and grants the Tourist Card, specifically for tourist activities, is known as the National Immigration Institute. Be informed that though for citizens of other countries, the Tourist Card is not a visa but citizens from Finland do not need a visa to travel to Mexico. Therefore the Mexico Tourist Card suffices in their case to enter Mexico.

Similar to other visitors, Finnish citizens must essentially acquire a Mexico Tourist Card to travel to Mexico via an on-road vehicle or by a flight. The year 2015 saw the implementation of the online application system for this travel document, making it easier to visit Mexico. In this system, the Card is mailed to the applicant. This system comes with a lot of advantages such as the applicant is not required to go anywhere. They just need a computer with an internet connection. 

Steps to get a Mexico Tourist Card

This is How Citizens from Finland Apply Online

Applying online for a Tourist Card is a process that is effortless and user-friendly. It can be summarized in the following way: 

Filling Particulars Online: Finnish travelers need to fill in their particulars with great care and caution. Any misinformation or typos in the form can cause it to be rejected. 
Softcopies Not to Be Submitted: No documents are to be submitted or uploaded while applying online.
Passport Number: The applicant’s valid passport number needs to be filled in.
Visa Charges: A valid credit or a debit card is to be used to pay the fee.

The Mexico Tourist Card is mailed on the ID mentioned in the form.

It is astute to take prints copies of both sides of the Card, though it is connected to the passport number electronically. The immigration authorities at the country’s airport go through this document. 

For Mexico Tourist Card Applicants 

Travelers must be aware that the Mexico Tourist Card only allows them to visit the country as tourists. Engaging in any activity that results in payment such as a job or professional service is strictly prohibited. Visitors from Finland are to carry the printouts of both sides of the document that they had previously taken while entering the country. The online process also requires applicants to provide their flight details.

Tourist Card Sample

No Documentation While Applying Online

Applying online for the Tourist Card is a no-document process. However, Finnish citizens should have these ready: 

  1. A legitimate Finnish passport with 6 months of validity since they land in the country.
  2. Information of their arrival flight in Mexico, such as airline name and flight number.

Upon Landing in Mexico

Finnish travelers must have a Mexico Tourist Card for a smooth entry into the country. They must carry their Mexico Tourist Card and passport, on landing in Mexico. Before they enter the country, the immigration officials will scan all these documents. The passport must be valid for 180 days and must also be the same one that was used when applying online.

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