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Mexico Visa for Citizens of the Central African Republic

Visit Mexico by Land or Air

Strolling, shopping, and sipping tequila along the Malecon boardwalk of Puerto Vallarta is one of the best ways to kick off your vacation in Mexico. A lot more awaits Central African Republic citizens who embark on a holiday to this country of magic. All they need is a Mexico Tourist Card and a visa. The approval of this travel document comes from The National Immigration Institute, with the objective of tourism. It is important not to mistake a Tourist Card for a visa. Holders of this card must also have a visa to enter Mexico. To apply for a visa, interested travelers must contact the embassy.

A Mexico Tourist Card is a must if travelers from the Central African Republic would like to visit Mexico via flight or by a vehicle. Since it was launched in 2015, the electronic system has made the process of applying for it seamlessly convenient. On the other hand, applicants can also apply for this travel document within 30 days after they arrive in Mexico. For passengers traveling on a major commercial airline, it is free of charge.

Steps to get a Mexico Tourist Card

Online Applying Process for Travelers from the Central African Republic

Applying online for the Mexico Tourist Card is both quick and simple. It is as simple as the following three steps: 

Entering Information in the Online Form: Central African Republic citizens are required to enter the asked details in the online form. Ensure that the details are correct and free of errors. Any discrepancies may be the reason for cancelation of the form. 
No Upload of Documents: Applying online eliminates the process of uploading any document. Just a valid passport number will do to complete the process.
Remittance of Visa Fee: Finally, a valid credit or debit card is to be used for paying the visa fee.

The Tourist Card is emailed to the applicant on the ID mentioned in the form in a few days.
Though it is electronically linked to the passport number of the candidate, an additional hardcopy would be better to carry as the immigration authorities at the airport would review it. 

For Mexico Tourist Card Applicants 

The Mexico Tourist Card only permits visits for tourism. It disallows the holder of this travel document to engage in any job or paid activity during this trip. While applying, travelers must mention flight details (Airline Name and Flight Number) of their arrival in Mexico.

Tourist Card Sample

The ‘No Document Submission’ Process

Since the process is online, there is no submission of documents. When Central African Republic citizens apply for a Mexico Tourist Card, it is necessary to have these: 

  1. A passport, valid for 180 days since their arrival in Mexico.
  2. The arrival flight particulars (airline name and flight number)

On Reaching Mexico

For Central African Republic citizens, to enter Mexico, they must have a Mexico Tourist Card, which is in addition to a visa. The immigration authorities at the Mexican airport would only allow entry after they have reviewed the traveler’s visa, passport and the Tourist Card. Bear in mind that the passport must be valid for 180 days and must be the same one that was used to apply for the visa. 
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