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India Visa for Montenegrin Citizen

Visit India by Land or Cruise

A vacation in India can be an interesting experience for tourists from Montenegro. Have a great time with family and friends as you explore the natural diversities and splendor that this country has to offer. Montenegrins will also get a chance to taste various local Indian cuisines no matter where they plan to spend their holidays. As you prepare a must-do list for your Indian vacation, applying for a tourist visa in advance is important. Obtaining an India visa for citizens from Montenegro is easy these days as you can go for the eVisa option and apply for it online.

India visa for Montenegrin citizens can be easily and conveniently applied online from the comfort of one’s home. Opting for an eVisa would mean that citizens from Montenegro can acquire a tourist visa in a short time. Applicants won’t have to visit the embassy physically nor do the tedious leg work to get the necessary documents ready. They can have extra time in hand to pack the luggage and do other things to be fully ready to fly to India. The approval notice of your eVisa will usually reach your email inbox in 4 working days. Just be a little cautious while filling the application form because the inaccuracy of information shared can lead to rejection of your visa.

Online Application of India Visa for Citizens from Montenegro 

Obtaining an India visa for Montenegrin citizens isn’t too difficult these days as tourists can always apply it online. Applying for the eVisa will save you a lot of time as the processing period is drastically reduced. Once your visa is approved, you can get prepared for the vacation at a leisurely pace. Applying for an India visa for citizens from Montenegro online is the fastest and easiest way to get a tourist visa. However, you will have to go through all the formalities, including filling the online application form clearly and submitting the soft copies of various documents.

Steps to get an India eVisa

Ways to Apply for an India Visa for Citizens of Montenegro

Dreaming of an Indian vacation? Not to worry. You can always apply for an India visa for Montenegrin citizens online and then take a flight to India to enjoy the time of your life. This is an opportunity that you can’t afford to miss. Just fill the visa application form accurately and cross-check it at least once to ensure that there are no errors. The personal details you share in the online application form should match the information given in your passport.

Submitting Important Documents during Online Indian Visa Application

While applying for eVisa or online visa, you will have to share various scanned copies of necessary documents apart from the application form. Keep them handy after getting them clearly scanned for online submission. The documents you would need while applying for an India visa for citizens from Montenegro are:

  • An active or valid Montenegrin passport. Its validity should be at least six months from the date of your departure to India.
  • Scanned copies of various pages of your passport that contain personal details. Few scanned passport size photographs will also be required. The passport should have at least two blank pages.
  • Travel documents that act as proof of your potential trips within India and the date of your exit from the country.
  • A valid credit card for making the visa fee payment.

The processed and approved visa would be sent directly to the applicants through email. Carrying printouts of the approved visa during the trip to India is a must. Tourists are required to present their visa to the immigration officials once they arrive in India.

India eVisa Sample

Ways to Get into Indian Territory

After arriving in India, you are required to show various documents to the immigration officers, these are:

  • The approved India visa for Montenegrin citizens.
  • The passport that was used during the visa application.
  • Documents with financial details that prove that you have enough money to meet various expenses during your stay in India.
  • Documented travel plans during your vacation in India. The plans should also include your departure date from the country.
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