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India Visa for Cuban Citizens

Visit India by Land or Cruise

Every country has something unique to offer, however, India tops the list of popular destinations for citizens of various countries including the citizens of Cuba. From different Ashram to the Taj Mahal, tourists can thoroughly enjoy their trip here. But to experience all this, visitors must get their visa. A valid India visa for Cuban citizens will allow them to travel across the country and explore every corner without any restriction.

While the idea of visiting a beautiful country like India is very tempting but the thought of acquiring a visa and going through the complex process is something that many travelers want to avoid. However, with the launch of online visa processing, visitors can obtain their visa very easily.

Steps to get an India eVisa

Online Application Process of India Visa for Citizens of Cuba

The most important document that a traveler must have when they are visiting India is an approved and printed visa.  In order to do that applicants must gather the documents that they will need to submit along with their application form. The documents that applicants will need are:

  • Detailed information of the visitor’s travel plan to India, including their flight details of arrival and departure to and from India.
  • A valid Cuban passport with 6 months of validity since their date of travel to India. The passport must have 2 blank pages.
  • The applicant’s passport size photograph adhering to the guidelines.
  • A scanned copy of the passport having the personal detail of the applicant and their photograph on the passport
  • Valid credit card for the payment of the visa fee.

After the applicants have put all the documents together, they can start with the visa application procedure. Applicants are required to visit the website and from there on the steps are pretty easy and instructions are simple to follow. The application form for the India visa for Cuban citizens must be downloaded and filled out. One must double-check all the information before submitting it finally. Any mistake might lead to the rejection of the visa.

Along with the visa application form, applicants must submit the scanned documents and pay the visa fee. Post this they will receive a reference number which can be used to determine the status of their visa. An approved visa will be emailed within 1 to 4 working days. Applicants are required to download the approved visa and take its print-out.

India eVisa Sample

Arrival Process for Cuban Citizens

Visitors cannot directly leave the airport on reaching India. There are certain rules and regulations in place, which must be followed by every traveler. To enter the national territory of the country; travelers must present the following documents:

  • Financial proof of the traveler or of someone in India who will be covering the expense of the individual
  • A valid Cuban passport which should be the same one used to apply for the visa.
  • Travel details that show their exit plan from India, flight details, date and time of travel, etc.

These documents must be presented to the immigration officials and after checking them visitors will be allowed to enter India.

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